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Clearance Stock Best Before 10.02.2022 

This product is going out of date but is still safe to use. This is the last batch of Ginger Syrup we will be producing. Enjoy it now before it sell out. 

Created by Bartenders whilst in isolation for
soda enthusiasts to enjoy safely in their homes with their favourite spirits or just as a straight refreshing ginger beer. Makes a great Mule. 

Our Ginger Beer Syrup is made from fresh Queensland ginger, lemongrass, lime and a hint of chilli. With more than 200g grams of ginger per bottle we've tried to pack as much flavour as physically possible into a bottle. 

1 part syrup to 10 parts of soda water. One 500ml bottle will mix up to 5 litres of quality ginger beer. If you prefer a stronger flavour you can always up the ratio to your liking.

Ideal for use with Sodastream or other carbonation devices.