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The Cure Tonics Aussie Bush Tonic Syrup features Australian botanicals including finger limes, pepper berry and strawberry gum leaves. The syrup is made not by boiling, but by steeping the ingredients, that not only extracts the flavour but also keeps the nutritional benefits. Besides other benefits, The Cure Tonics have 30% less sugar than other market leading Tonic Water drinks. Learn more about the ingredients and their benefits here.

We recommend using 1 part syrup to 10 parts of soda water ratio, but if you prefer stronger tonics, feel free to change the ratio. Just mix 20 ml of the Aussie Bush Tonic to a 200ml glass of any soda water you like to make yourself a native Tonic Water drink. One 500ml bottle will mix up to 5.5 litres of quality tonic water. Ideal for use with water carbonation devices.

Gin is not required but highly recommended.